I'm quite uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I sure do love being behind it. I've been blazing through rolls of film making portraits of my cats since I was a little girl using my parents' camera. I knew from a point in grade ten that I was going to be a professional photographer, and I boarded a plane the summer after my high-school graduation to go study at a small photography college in Victoria, BC. I spent countless hours in the darkroom that year, and the slow-paced intentionality of those days working with fully-manual cameras & film is a foundation that I'm so thankful for.

I've been married to my high-school boyfriend, Dave, for over 17 years now. We were married in a hay field on a July evening and feasted on burgers & potato salad, and then went camping for our honeymoon. I feel like that paints a pretty accurate picture of me still; I'm not a fancy gal.

We've since upgraded our tent to a trailer, but travelling to beautiful places and setting up camp is still our most favourite thing. From 2016-2019 we actually lived in our camper to enable us to spend three winters exploring the Southern USA from coast to coast with our two kids and dog. We hope to do something similar again, but for now, we are happily settled in my childhood home on a small farm. I homeschool our kids, semi-successfully garden, and generally find a lot of fulfillment in homemaking. Not much lights me up more than babies or a slice of cheesecake, but I also really love old houses & farmland, thunder & lightning storms, drives on country roads, coffee by a campfire, and meals shared with friends & family.

More than anything else with my photography, I love to document real stories & relationships. Laughter, cuddles, and meaningful connections between people are what I'm after, with all the details and location elements being secondary. When choosing locations for sessions, I'm most drawn to worn & weathered spaces, muted earthy colours, a sense of comfort, and definitely gorgeous light. If it's all a little messy & moody, even better.

Below is a collection of a few of my personal pictures that represent me well - better than a typical headshot ever could.

On the other pages of this website are dozens of examples of the types of images that I most love to create for the people I get to work with. If you'd like to be in photographs like these with the people you love, then I'd like to help make that happen.

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